Monday, 7 April 2008

With the switch back from day light saving it seems we all can’t work out what time it is…the beach is empty and surfable at 2-3 foot (Bondeye), but very bumpy with antagonising onshore winds. The great news is that there is swell this week – and its south-east swell well suited to Bondage – BUT – winds aren’t favourable. Let’s wait and see. Biggest days Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning. (3-4 foot). Winter digs it claws in today with rain and a very mild maximum of 20 degrees. In fact expect quite a bit of rain this week.

If you’re not getting enough surf time with these small swells and dead straight sand banks (worst ever) – perhaps alternative means of fitness training is in order (Sam pay attention here) – blatant plug – check out Frothin’ Mike from Evolution to Well Being fitness sessions: or

Have a good week kids, uge

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