Tuesday, 15 April 2008

*pro show late transmission
That little east facing, wind protected pocket called Manly had a few good waves today around lunchtime. 3 foot with 4 foot freaks and more importantly out of the southerly. (Bondi was horrendously onshore and resembling a washing machine). Today the Gravis surf team put on a show, Bali’s Prince Rizal Tanjung, Maui charger Ian Walsh, Benji Weatherby, recently retired Kalani Robb to name a few. Kalani is lighting fast in real life. Blink and you’ll miss 3 reos. Also put his foot straight through one of his boards within the first 15 minutes. Flamboyant Rizal, acclimatising to a wettie, punts for the high heavens on every section that confronts him. They’re here doing some shooting, making movies – you know, hard work. The forecast is waves like today, but onshore for most of the week. Seek protected corners or maybe crank the work out, cheers, uge

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