Friday, 18 April 2008

You gotta love winter. Especially 5 days in a row of it. Looking out the window all you see is dark greys and pouring rain. Everything seems to slow down a little and you exchange that Peroni for a hot cup of hot Milo. Swells are also generally bigger in winter, but sometimes we catch a onshore southerly patch like this one – where its onshore day in and day out. Bondi was showing little form with 3 foot random bumpy chop hops – 5 guys out scrappin’. If its big enough I would head north side again – but its dropping – so Manly wouldn’t have much. The wind will continue over the weekend, but not as strong – pray for it to die. At last there is swell (3ft) all weekend…

Indo season has now kicked off for the year, and here is 5 photos to inspire you to call the travel agent. Aquabumps will be making its 9th voyage around the Mentawai Archipelagos in 1 weeks time. Oh and you’re coming, thanks to Telstra Satellite services (especially Marc Tan) we can broadcast Aquabumps from a boat in the middle of nowhere, amongst honks in canoes and spears. Have a great weekend, come see the Aquabumps Gallery – 10am to 4pm, 98 Brighton Boulevard, North Bondi Telephone 9130 8371.

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