Wednesday, 23 April 2008

There are waves this morning as we’ve got a new east swell and relatively clean conditions (well compared to recent dayz). I’ve been down the beach a few times trying to get some shots, but every time it pours (is this rain going to stop?). Bondi had a little (junkie) wave still shaken up from a weeks worth of onshore, but I reckon The Bra would be the best bet (4ft). Winds will be stronger later today, so before lunch is your best shot. We’ve got some good times headed out way starting from tomorrow, winds are offshore and this east swell hits a decent period (11-10 secs). Should be waves all long weekend – hit east facing magnets with protection from the northerlies.


PS – since we’ve all been work focused in this bad weather and crappy surf, (blatant plug coming), uh and 11% of my Aquabumps readership is in the Finance sector, maybe check out Anton Murray for a better job you Banking honks. More

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