Lee Middlemiss banging out airs every wave

fijian arrival

After two days of a stir crazy flat spell here in Fiji the predicted swell arrived. (no wind either) The boats were full at 6:30am heading out to the distant reefs in the middle of the Pacific. 3 foot with the odd 4 foot bomb provided satisfaction to this frothin’ group of man grommets. Now all scorched and looking more like locals we wait for tomorrow, where the swell is due to pick up even more.

Some of the office might be in Fiji, but the gallery doors are still wide open. Head down to 98 Brighton Boulevard North Bondi to see some of these images blown up. Telephone (02) 9130 8371. Just behind the North Bondi RSL

There’s nothing like a good boat trip. The Mentawai islands have some of the most consistent surf on the globe. You need a holiday. If you want to go with a few of your mates next year to the Ments – need to book now. Early season Feb/March is available so check out www.tengirri.com to book and for rates. ::uge

Underwater shed

Underwater tube

Ducking down deep

Hawaiian Ash

7 thoughts on “fijian arrival

  1. Hi Uge!
    Firstly love the shots! You are a magician! you can even make some one like Lee look prof! ha,
    Could you please pass on a gday to Lee – we go way back! I was pretty surprised to see his mug on your newsletter!
    Keep up the good work!
    ‘ni sa moce’
    Jon Jon

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