Hacking the shore break

summer dribbles

What’s left of this dribbling south swell is breaking around 1-2 foot in the shallows of Bondi. Fat ones broke well out the back fizzling to shore (fools gold), whilst the odd shorey had a mini-section. All in all its not great – yet surfable. The summer’s bake continues as it will hit 27 degrees, plus north east winds, typical of a day like this.

Perusing the swell radar, it’s going to be small all week. I’d say 1-2 foot for most of it (and predominantly northerly winds). Definitely a week to just lay on the beach should you still be fortunate to be on holidays (slackers). Have a great week :: uge


Zen master Chris fading Gus

Micro grom on the wave of his life

Poppy on the aircraft carrier

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