1st out...joy morning


Last night a stealth 2-footer kicked up on a bank at South Bondi. Impressive…seeing it was dead flat in the morning.

This morning was smaller, as the swell is now more ENE at a 7.6 second period (windswell – weak). Perfect morning, no clouds, warmer water (22 degrees) and a clean 1-2 foot rideable wave in the corner. When I say rideable…best suited to fat boards with plenty of chunk.

Today is a joy beach day. Get down there for a dip as it hits 28 degrees. Later today the NE winds will flare up to 20 knots, which is fine in the North Bondi protected corner…yeah beers on the grass and watch the sunset.

The forecast for the next 7 days is fine (mostly) and small small small waves. Good time to start daydreaming about overseas waves…changing the wax on your board…go shopping with the lil’ lady.

Tengirri Mentawai Island Tours

There are 2 half filled trips on Tengirri that you could be on…

    24-Feb-09 to 08-Mar-09 (5 spots available)
    09-Mar-09 to 18-Mar-09 (8 spots available)

Tengirri is the boat I go on and can recommend it – has the best cook in the islands (important) anthony@tengirri.com / 0414 444 707 / www.tengirri.com

Longboarder fading his mate

The Astra Tube Sections

Sunset silk

The Golden Curls

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