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Crack Up

Bondi cracks me up in the mornings. So much going on down there in the wee-early hours.

All started with a beautiful colourful sunrise, which I missed as I slept in (rare) and caught just the tail end of it.

Then there’s a small fat wave, 3 foot, in the southern corner that is slappin’ up against Icebergs (the new NE swell angle is here). Looked ok for a wave – but mostly closing out. Low tide 4:15pm, high tide 10am. Wind: N/NW 5/10 kts, tending NE 15/20 kts in the afternoon.

Then a chopper hovers above hoping for a shark sighting (like the one at Tama last night). Always unnerving sitting out the back with TV choppers filming you in anticipation for shark cameo. Then on the beach hundreds are exercising enjoying the last dribs of these warmer temperatures. Gold medallist Michael Klim did a couple of laps on the soft sand before having a dip. Closer to the shore a group of English party animals, still seeing double from the last shot of tequila, strip down to the undies and dance around in the water like at a soccer match. (Potential rescue – lifeguards on standby). ABC were filming an interview…then a giant chopper flies past trailing a massive Australia flag (huh?)…oh, and then right in the corner two guys are head first, passed out cold in the sand…not even twitchin’ to the joggers around them. Ah yes, just another day down at Bondi – there is always something going on.

Come see the Aquabumps Gallery on the weekend 10am to 6pm all weekend. 151 Curlewis Street.

ASMF 2009

The Australian Surf Movie Festival, 7th Edition, presented by Jim Beam, will be touring Australia March/ April 2009. Premiere night is being held at the Randwick Ritz on the 18th March, 7:15pm. This year the featured movies are made by Tim Bonython who filmed the Mark Matthews’s 20k wave in WA last September. view website | Buy Tickets to Ritz

The undie run...a big night that won't end

Keep your eyes on the waves behind you...accident about to happen

Gold Medallist Michael Klim going for a dip

The tail end of a very good sunrise.

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