Will Spankem riding a decent chunk of fibreglass

high pressure

As a big fat high pressure system hovers above NSW, we are blessed with another stunning summers day. Very little wind about and the mercury will hit a steamy 27 degrees. Along with these still conditions come small waves – really small waves. Bondi was struggling to pump out a 1-2 footer this morning – perfect for beginners or mal riders. The swell forecast looks kinda dire – the charts had a lot of zeros depicting a flat-small spell for another 7 days. Go swim – water is still warm (22 degrees).

Chopper Mk2

This Saturday the weather is looking immaculate. We’ve booked a helicopter from 2pm to 3pm on Saturday. Flight path not determined yet – may even creep over the dark side to Manly for some aerial shots. More info tomorrow. I know you’re probably wondering where the fruits of the last chopper mission are on display, but after examining the shots, you need to see prints blow up large to do them any justice…so we’re going to have an exhibition of aerials..and you can come find yourself in the crowd shots.

Mates Rates

Winter is near…and the Indo surfing season is about to kick off. If you’re travelling this year, get some new board bags from Squidy – he’s doing mates rates for Aquabumps readers – buy direct and save some green. more

PS – that board I threw on ebay (brand new 6’1”) is now up to $355. 1 day left to pick up a bargain – show me

The vivacious Tori Vidler

Karl Timms on a new foamie contraption

North Bondi Swimmers

Harbour baking...Nielsen Park, Vaucluse

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