This was actually a decent sized hollow.


This whole week we have a ENE swell. ENE swell direction doesn’t favour Bondi, so you will have to drive to other beaches like Maroubra, Manly, Wedge, Narra etc. Even though waves are 3-4 foot today, I saw nothing really worthy of surfing this morning (drove from Bondi to Maroubra).

The Bra was pretty much deserted, 2 guys out. Bondi had some 1-2 foot dribblers, Tama was full as a boot and burger heaven…so the early morning high tide (7:30am) was really affecting the quality. Perhaps as the day progresses, the tide lowers it may improve. Seems to be quite a unsettled windswell…

BondiFit – City to Surf Training Group

Spot Anderson, (the nut that you see training people down at Bondi in the middle of winter with no wettie on) has started a City to Surf training group. City to Surf is on August 9, remember when the riot police rolled up at our little post run drinks? (see pics) and thirsty athletes guzzled half a palette of Coopers? Well its coming up again…and it’s time to start losing the winter flab. Enrol

Here are some images from my recent Mentawai trip to keep you going in between sets :: yooj

Luckily there was only 1 flat day. It could have got weirder


Post surf, patching up your reef wounds

Looks ok in this shot, but high tide is killing it.

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