Wave of the day in the north


It’s pretty close to flat out there today. Towards the north end of Bondi there was a 0.5 to 1 foot peak every 15 minutes…if you’re into that type of thing.

Super clean, super cold and perfectly sunny today. W/NW winds will howl 15-20 knots increasing later today to 25/33 knots (that’s a gale folks).

Swell will dramatically increase tomorrow morning and provide waves all weekend. Its DEAD south swell (186 degrees) – good for Bondi, Curly and other dead south facing beaches. It’s going to be cold though – 16 degrees today, tomorrow and Sunday. Better find the uggies.

Surfection Mosman is having a big wettie sale this weekend. Up to 50% off 2009 Steamers.

The Aquabumps Gallery has its doors open all weekend 10am to 6pm as usual…perhaps a surf a Bondi, Mushroom Omelette at Greens and then a visit to the gallery?

PS – my Canon 1d Mark II digital camera is about to close on ebay (right now). If you want it…doit. Or a 5’11” chilli shortboard is currently $300 (I used it for 1 week!)

No rush champ...nothing out there!

Extreme Bed-Head

Chloe Byron & Karl Timms

What I'd give to be there right now.

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