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No waves but plenty of colour. That’s 2 decent sunrises in 1 week…some one is being good to us.

NE micro swell running, totally slipping past Bondi (0.5ft) and maybe dribbling into exposed beaches. I’d be surprised if you could find something above your knee/waistline today. High tide is killing it. Nonetheless, hit the beach, as it’s going to be a smokin’ 33 degrees today..enjoy it before the rain and clouds hit later today.

Water is crystal clear at the moment…I went for a dip at lunchtime yesterday and was blown away with the vis.

Don’t forget Valentine’s day on Sunday kids. A six pack and 70’s surf movies ain’t going to cut it with the ladies anymore fellas. Hang on, why not stop by the Aquabumps Gallery on the weekend to grab a little framed artwork. Nice. Sorted. 151 Curlewis Street Bondi beach NSW (just up from Thai Terrific, Roys, Civic Vids – you know). Telephone 9130 7788 open all weekend 10am to 6pm (including today).

Intense - waiting for a set

cooling off...

Big night last night - and still going. You'll be hurting today

Just relaxing

21 thoughts on “chromatic

  1. Great shots this morning Uge! Love the intense one. Great contrast between the monochrone water and the dude in the water and the saturated sky. Love morning surfs with a sky like that. Cant get a better start to the work day!

  2. Great shots & a great morning – will have to get a copy of Intense as I was the dude in the water, likely to be the only time I feature! Not many waves but the sunrise made up for it!

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