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Immaculate morning down at Bondi. Light winds, glassy surfaces, small weak 1-2 footers (very inconsistent) and blanketing morning rays. Too good to not get in the water. If you’re surfing you’ll need a decent chunk of fibreglass to get going on the high tide lumps. The 10 second wave period is putting huge lulls in between waves – your hair will probably dry in between sets.

29 bakin’ beach degrees today. Hit the beach now as the rest of the week looks like winter – 19-22 degrees.

Five things you need to know:

  1. Taj Burrows won the 1st World Tour stop up at Snapper last Friday. He’s on a roll.
  2. ‘The Corner House’  – New wine bar/Italian restaurant has opened at 281 Bondi Road – anyone been, feedback?
  3. The Noosa Festival of Surfing kicks off this Sunday. 700 competitors in 20 separate divisions…
  4. The Boost Air Sho – The big guns are heading to Bondi this week 12-14th March. It’s about the only time you’ll see Kelly Slater surfing Bondi (Taj and Owen Wright will also be attending). Hot.
  5. Gorillaz Plastic Beach – The Gorillaz have launched a new album and found a kooky little island.

Have a great day, ::uge

1st light lip glow

Tory Vidler, fading the boiz.

Perth, on scaffolds rights

Super glassy conditions

11 thoughts on “Immaculate

  1. The Corner House is an awesome venue and everybody should get down there asap!!

    Tell Kappa that Max sent you!

  2. Went last night, atmosphere was ok, didnt eat but had one of the two beers on offer, some whaler beer and it tasted like perfume. Need some variety!

  3. Hi,

    I feel I have to comment ..

    Haven’t been to “The Corner House” – I Used to love the OLD Castile … I guess you can stop the change in Bondi can you ? I t was a nice family restaurant, now it is just another fancy italian place in Bondi. But eh, good luck to them. Quite a contrast with the The Royal !

    Nice pics Uge, as always …

    Plastic Beach is on high rotation on my CD player … (I know… I still have one …)

  4. The Corner House – Went for pizza a few weekends ago. The place was packed but we managed to get a table walking in. We heard they specialised in pizzas, mine came out with a splattering of prawns and the base was 1/3 of the way cooked. My husbands was the ‘4 in one’ pizza that was interesting.
    They have a few teething problems, such as the glass sizes. I was charged $6.00 for a really small glass of sparkling mineral water. Before we had a chance to complain, the waitress said that she would fill the glass up for us each time I emptied it. Which of course didn’t happen, so I asked for the whole bottle. In the end we probably got more than what we paid for.
    The room wasn’t too noisy, considering there was a big table taking up one end of the restaurant. More outdoor seating would be nice on such a lovely evening as it’s quite dark inside.
    I’m looking forward to the cocktail bar opening upstairs, and will try the bar snacks in the front bar next time and will give the pizzas a miss.

  5. Great new place not far from home. Started slow but has really come on of late. Cant comment on entire menu as have only eaten pizza and drunk red. All very good though. Yum fresh produce baked on a thin, crispy crust and a good range of vino covering all budgets. Cutting up your own pizza with old skool cutting shears is also a great touch. Ive been twice and am happy to have another quality place to eat/drink in what is becoming a cool little precinct on my end of Bondi Rd. Go South Bondi, go Corner House!

  6. Went there on Sunday…was told on arrival it would take 30-45 mins for a table but ended up waiting 1hr 45 mins for a table. Pizza was really tasty but the fact you can’t book a table really grates me and probably won’t go back for food.

  7. If your going to write about the pros, spell their name right. Wolrd No.1 is Taj BURROW not BurrowS

  8. Corner House is great. Nice vibe, nice people, great wine and the pizza is pretty tasty too. I stayed up there for some wine last week and took the pizza home after, perfect start to an evening.

    It’s like a house party and we’re all invited.

  9. Castille was a food poisoning Mecca. Can’t complain when we’d go back for more, I guess. Looking forward to trying the new place indulging in fresh produce.

    Aww …love our little south end. xo

  10. I had a sensational gluton free pizza with fresh produce. Top wine list and cool vibe. A great change from the old castile. I’ll be back – see you there

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