Eddie, leap of faith

Eddie would go…

It’s not often you’ll get an Aquabumps daily report before 9am…so you can hop back on your chair now.

There is a big south swell in town flanked with rain and – now – wind. Bondi only had 1 lone ranger out, Mr Eddie Scott, paddling out from the boot and picking off the rare non-closeouts types. It’s about 6 foot solid on sets, the odd larger set…so only paddle out if you know what you’re doing.

At 8am this morning a violent south change hit bringing a 25-35 knot southerly wind, which is butchering wave quality. Head to somewhere out of the wind (northside) or wait until it all calms down.

Tragic news, Bronte surfer and Bondi Rescue lifeguard, Kobi Graham has broken his neck in a bad fall surfing yesterday at the treacherous ‘Ours’ (Cape Solander). Let’s hope for a speedy recovery.

Yesterday was quite a spectacular surf day – offshore winds, 6-8 footers and clearer skies. Hope you found somewhere decent to surf.

Cheers, uge

P.S My Canon 1ds Mkiii and matching water housing are still up for grabs on ebay. Auctions end tomorrow. The camera has not got wet, been dropped, or used as a shotput. My word. It’s in top condition and works perfectly.

Rogue monster breaks out of the morning darkness

Eddie, only 1 out, taming a right in front of the 'Bergs


Take off on a larger set wave

2 thoughts on “Eddie would go…

  1. What a boy! it’s a pity you weren’t surfing down here at Bawley, Edward – No Toes was incredible and Moonlight was breaking out near Brush Island!

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