Sand, water, waves and the flappin' amazing Andrjez


You’re not really missing out on anything down the beach. That south swell has lost it’s grunt and 1-1.5 footers were dribbling into Bondi early this morning. Nice sunny winter light but cold once again.

The radar shows no swell energy for the rest of the week, so a good time to do something else…


GSI has won an International Design Award with it’s the Meyerhoffer Surfboard design, one of the most radical developments in board innovation for a long time. Looks kinda weird with wonky rails…tight tail…but apparently they’re manoeuvrable for a long board.

Martine Emdur, local talented underwater painter launches her new collection tomorrow at Tim Olsen’s Gallery.

Altered Landscape, the new surf film by Kai Neville is something else. I not feeling good about my surfing after watching what these kid do on waves in the Mentawais.

Enough distractions :: uge

Justin McMillan, opting to ride a very large chunk of Fibo

Jono, just checking out the dribbles

Foot goo - Late for the bus


10 thoughts on “Mini

  1. What is there another Andrzej? Do I have a doppelganger? No there can’t be two, Bondi is not big enough for both of us??? ha ha
    I was at yoga this morning, still looks kinda fun?

    1. Whoops! Andrzej….my eyes must be going on me. Better get glasses. Have a good day. Flat out there today.

  2. Bro, sometimes I just feel like deleting my subscription to aquabumps. It’s painful to be stuck in the office on a gorgeous winter day when I should be out there on mi log.

    Ur a saddist uge!

  3. no comment from geoff here? ahah.
    love them Uge,
    what ever happened to the Tilt Shift lens you got? I guess it has limited use.. but I loved those initial shots you did with it.. last image reminds me of it.

    nice, it’s been too cold for me..


    1. Hey ELL, still got the tilt shift, just sitting in the cupboard for a while. actually shot with it this morning.

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