Men gone mad. Speedos on a 4 degree morning? What tha.

Served Chilled

I was quite surprised to see a small, clean swell still chuggin’ into the bay at day break. I suspect it will fade quickly though as the swell charts show a rapid decline in energy around lunchtime. There’s a nice (small) left in the corner with barely anyone out….1-2 foot. I’d say the extremely cold weather will keep most people tucked up under the quilts.

The Weather Channel are calling it the coldest June morning in 61 years as the mercury dropped to 4 degrees at 6am. (-5 at Richmond!). The run across the sand is painful.

The good news is that a swell will be arriving Friday afternoon and it’s looking really good on the weekend.

Apparently the ‘dozer is making space for a Ice Skating rink on the beach as a part of the Bondi Winter Festival.

Seeya, uge

Jono always make it look good out there

Rail glow

The Firey, Gezza MW Blake

Jono, wings out, ready to hook it back to the foam

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