Light beams III


Well, it’s no Kirra out the front that’s for sure…. not even Kirra’s inferior brother. I’ve been drooling over all that footage from Queensland’s gem’s on Sunday, then glancing back out the window looking at Bondi’s 2 foot onshore dribbles thinking – where did I go wrong?

Surfing shouldn’t be high on your agenda for today around Sydney. In fact I’d say hold out until Friday where a brand spankin’ new SE swell arrives flanked with northerlies – tick! The big question – is there going to be a 200 metre barrel where Mick Eugene Fanning ejects out of in front of North Bondi Italian? – no, sorry. Maybe just a head dip and a close out reo.

As you all know Queensland has not only had some of the best surf this century, but suffered great losses in the giant floods. This Saturday, 22nd January at 7:00am to 8:00am local trainers will be holding a session where you can run/swim or do a circuit session for $20 bucks, all proceeds go to QLD relief…more

Good bye, :: uge

New artwork on the broadwalk


Not a bad idea for today

Someone eating chips again in the south

Coolite slaying

One thought on “Envy

  1. Can I just add for the record that 99% of surfers (not the average person), would have really struggled on Sunday up here in south QLD. We were paddling out at south Rainbow, and in only a couple of minutes, getting swept through Kirra. That is a very long way. The sweep that ran through here from Cooly to Burleigh was stronger than I have ever seen it. So don’t be too disappointed that you missed it. It may have looked amazing but it was also the most physically challenging conditions I have ever surfed in, and that includes anything I surfed in Indo.

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