Welcome to the Mentawai Islands...wonder where this guy is headed?


Selmat Pagi.

It’s been a long time since I’ve traveled. Around 8 months to be exact (cause we had a baby). The next two weeks the photos are going to be via satellite as we’re in the Mentawais Islands, Indonesia on charter boat Tengirri. It’s paradise here…the waves are 3 foot today, getting bigger in the middle of the week.

The Mentawais is a series of wave blessed islands that capture raw Indian Ocean swells created in the southern roaring forties (the Lows off Africa). By the time swells reach here, they’ve been groomed for days – weeks…hence the super long swell periods and ultra clean lines. This is a very good thing and why surfers from all over the globe travel to this remote part of the world.

The best way to tour these islands is on a charter boat. Therefore you get a good taste of the 34 surf breaks. (Within a 100 mile radius). We’re currently a float on Tengirri. Been chartering this boat for 6 years now as it’s small, fast and only holds a small crew (less people in the water).

Junpa lagi :: uge

Caleb Reid at Scarecrows ripping the top off it

Down the line at Scarecrows, Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

Surfing World's Mark Eymze finally out of Manly...

Jim needs a date. He will even fly you up to join him on this remote beach

Big Tommy Bird raking the leaves off the bottom

C-leb, foam climb

16 thoughts on “Mentawais

  1. I’ve been keen to head there for years! Are they all lefts?? I’ll admit i’m a typical chick and favour right handers…. Looks great 🙂

  2. Lovely shots, as usual. Just thought I would leave some feedback. Being the last of the great romantics, I bought the wife an Aquabumps surfing picture for her birthday a few months back. I had to order over the phone since I am currently in France, and she is in Sydney. Even though I ordered it at the last minute, they rushed the order for a small extra cost, and it arrived, beautifully framed and wrapped, on her birthday. I just wanted to say thanks for the friendly and efficient service and give a big thumbs up to the crew at Aquabumps.

    1. That is fantastic feedback – Many many thanks…I am luck to have such a good team supporting me, even when i am away. uge

  3. uge,
    whats happnin. congrads on your whatever it is your doing. i’m sure your having a good time in your run about. have somemure.

  4. Hello and THANK YOU for this mornings eye candy! This is my first weekday email from aquabumps and I’m loving it as well as missing Indo! I was on Lombok, Gerupuk earlier this year on a surf camp and these pics remind me of my travels. Such an amazing place and such GREAT surf.

    Pictures are amazing and a great way to welcome in the new day to inspire us! Thank you 🙂

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