The clouds are smothering and the beach is deserted – perfecto – seeing there was a 3-4 foot wave on this morning. 8am the wind blew southerly 20 odd knots, but that should lighten up during the day. If you don’t mind a bit of chop hopping – today is your day. Should be SW offshore tomorrow (fingers crossed).

Looks like the Swiss Grand deck is going to be a hive of activity at the end of this year…NYE and NYD at Cream Tangerine – read more.

Aquabumps Gallery is open today 10-6. Come have a look.

Ciao :: uge

10,000 people live in Bondi and no one riding this puppy

This is how the beach is lining up today.

Bondi 7am, it's a left...lil' wobbly but I'll have it.

Shot this angle before, but like it (and good when raining)

5 thoughts on “Mondayitis

  1. In holland this had been an really good day haha, love your work, checking in everyday on aquabumps to look how its going on the other side of the world

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