The Reef

Last time we ventured out to the reef the waves had gone small, waist to chest high on very infrequent sets. A good time to rest up, get a few massages and walk around this quirky little town of Lembongan Island. There is a little pulse of swell inbound which will hopefully put on a show. We will probably take a fast boat to Desert Point (Lombok) to intercept it.

Lots of people are emailing me about accommodation on Lembongan Island. It’s a small place and I recommend Batu Karang, an Aussie operated Resort located on the hill in town with panoramic views leading to Agung, the great volcano of Bali. It’s a great surf trip to bring the family or partner…with all the modern amenities and really fun waves in crystal blue waters.

Have a great day, looks sunny back home in Sydney (bit chilly) and waves look tiny also.



Shippies, one of the set waves

Nusa Lembongan, the towns main beach

Pushy sales women, only 5 years old!

The Indo groms can punt on the smallest waist high wave

How about this for a fancy organic (certified) Spa?

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