Jettie tappin' some silky smooth lefts

Quiet Mondays

These winter Mondays are the best.

All quiet down the beach…not many people getting outta bed for the early. The line-up was uncrowded and dark with a very late sunrise.

Small but fun shoulder high peaks breaking left and right at South Bondi. Super clean surfaces…barely any wind at all.

The Volcom Fiji Pro is on, right now, as you read this. Cloudbreak is looking perfect and the goofy footers are in heaven. Watch now (Freddy P is ripping – G-Medina just scored a 10)

Have a great week :: uge

Bondi 7am, tracks

Bendy Ellie Gutman

Bondi 7:30am, Claire Norman

Bondi 7:10am, Monday morning empty line ups


Some good little rights as well

8 thoughts on “Quiet Mondays

  1. Forecast says it’s going to be +4m surf on wednesday, where would be a good place to check it out? Wind is 25knots, would Thursday be a better option?

      1. Your kidding right? bondi is pretty sh*t on an average day, give it more than 2 meters of swell and it becomes a washing machine… closing out 99.9% of the time!

    1. I agree chrispy, most sand beaches will be completely washed out with that size, I was thinking of heading to Sandon Point down south or somewhere similar. Would like to get some good photos, Uge can come down to ; )

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