Bondi 7:00am, speedies



Grey start to the morning with little floppy 1- 2 footers.

You can surf it, if you’re keen…but a swim is ideal.

The clouds have now parted for a 26 degree day. For those on holidays already…enjoy. E/NE winds all day – good up at north corner.

Christmas is in the air and only 1 week away. What are you getting me?

If you order our salubrious award winning book today we will post it same day, and you should get it tomorrow (if you’re in the next day network)

Seeya :: uge

PS – Bronte surfer ‘Bagus’ Gavin Stevenson delivers fresh fruit and veg to your door direct from the markets. Call him 0420 906 061

Frankie, always happy

Going mad with the rope

Mal skating on the right

Phillipe Sung

Skies have cleared now, looks so different to this

Slaying the foam

Swim time, watch the blueys

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