Claire Bunting née Norman laying down some fine rail

M < A < Y < H < E < M

Offshore and a couple banks at Bondi putting on the goods. Waves breaking in the waistline to chest region…fun! You won’t be lonely out there – morning mayhem.

Ah yes, you’ve guessed it – the water, weather and conditions are pretty darn good. The Lifeguards are holding their annual inter council surfing comp today – so they’ve cleared the best peak on the beach…scraps up the beach still looking good.

One for the girls, Mister Zimi has opened up a new store in North Bondi near my 1st gallery at 102 Brighton Boulevard. They’re offering 20% off for Aquabumps readers that visit their North Bondi Store. Maybe something for Mother’s day…

L a t e r s :: u g e

Harries in a mid drift top - how cute

Golden paddle to get out the back, Bondi 6:45am

George out the back on a fine right, Musso heading out

Luke Musso and his signature tail kick

Cool clouds

The lifeguard challenge is on this morning

Harries the looney, can surf!

Miss Bunting (happy)

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