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Shoreline Antics

Nice day huh? Sorry about the late one…

Pity the waves are small (Waist to sometimes chest high). It will get bigger this weekend – I’m sure. Pray, burn a board in sacrifice, something like that.

Someone asked me the other day what’s been my scariest moment doing Aquabumps. I thought back to the day when I cracked my head on the reef at Vooey…on a solid day…na…or standing on the skids of a helicopter whilst shooting Lizard Island (and they were wet with dew – slippery!)…na…or maybe shooting big Pipeline from the water and being thrashed by that freakin’ current from hell along the shore…na..I think my scariest moment is going to happen tomorrow, when I give a talk in the main concert hall of the Opera House – to over a thousand people. If you’re coming to the Financial Review’s BESPOKE Luxury talks tomorrow be sure to laugh at my jokes and don’t throw any cabbages on stage.

Later :: u g e

How big is it out there Alex?


Gold plated edges

Good old Henry Crouch, never short of some encouragement

Miss Antarctica heading out

Alex Kiss on a typical wave of the morning

Jesse Madigan, the next gen of morning shooters. Good start on Canon

12 thoughts on “Shoreline Antics

  1. Goodluck Uge!!!! 99% of the population fear public speaking more than death so you are not alone. I avoid at all costs but the feeling of exhilliration at the end of it is amazing 🙂 Drink lots of camomile tea before hand and I bet you’ll be brilliant.

  2. Good on ya Uge, you are an inspiration to a new generation of Surf Photographers. Check out the smile on Jesse’s dial. I love the way he is holding the camera, dead straight, finger on the money button ready to go. Awesome.

      1. Too bad he’s also an inspiration on spelling and grammar.. hehe kidding guys!

        Love Uge’s work and I think as Uge gets old(er:) and becomes a mentor to many younger photographers, it would be great to feature pictures of his “mentees” in the daily report. Like 1 out 8 every day for example, or every week to start. I’m sure Uge must get a lot of photos sent every day for comments so there should be some good material to select.

        Just throwing the idea out there. That’s the side effect of success, even readers feel like aquabumps belong to them. I could be wrong but i think Uge’s future is to be a photographer and a mentor, to thousands. This blog is going to keep growing proportionally to Uge’s passion and soon it will be decades he shoots every day. How can this not be an inspiration?

  3. Hey Uge. You made Jesse’s day. He hasn’t stopped smiling since he got home this morning. Great job.

    1. Welcome Matt. Good kid. Enthusiastic and saw him rolling around on sand trying to get new angles – keep it up.

  4. To be fair Uge, you’ve never been afraid of a bit of self promotion, you’ll be fine – you’re the ‘ken done’ of the Australian surfing/photography world!

  5. “I think my scariest moment is going to happen tomorrow, when I give a talk in the main concert hall of the Opera House – to over a thousand people.”

    Get used to it mate.. after that one there will plenty more demands

  6. Hey Uge,
    It may be too late for this time, but one of the best things you can do to improve public speaking skills, and communications skills in general, is Improv.

    And we just so happen to have set up to run Workshops led by Instructors from the top schools in Hollywood. I think you’d dig it.

    I’ll post a link on your message board with a discount code for any of your readers who might be interested.
    In the meantime, I’m sure your talk will be tops.

    1. My speech at the Opera House went smooth as (well, I thought so)…thank you for all your messages – I hope I don’t have to do that for a while now and can hide behind my lens.

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