The Twelve Apostles, VIctoria, this morning

Great Ocean Road

Sorry about the late update. I’m not in Bondi – you’d probably gathered that. We’ve just circumnavigated the state of Victoria stalking waves.

You gotta be tough to surf down here in Vicco. They’ve got great waves but it’s cold, windy, wet and fickle. When it’s on, it’s on – world class. But when the artic winds blow (and its small) you’ll need to spend some time in the car, which ain’t a bad thing…seeing The Great Ocean Road is probably one of the most famous stretches of road in Australia. It was built between 1919 and 1932. It’s the world’s largest war memorial, dedicated to the casualties of World War I…a fine tribute hugging some of the most picturesque coastline I’ve seen.

The waves are small and the wind is blowing down here…we found some B-grade waves but hoping to find more quality as we drive along the 242 kilometres of The Great Ocean Road.

The twelve, sorry I mean eight Apostles are spectacular!

Later : : u g e

Gorillas in the mist, Johannas, Vicco

Cahill Bell-Warren, the Bells local, tail release

Rainbow joy, Port Campbell

Chris Friend, girls this guy needs a date...


Joeys, running down to the left

Foggy trees (this was 1pm today!)

The quiet life...

10 thoughts on “Great Ocean Road

  1. Couple of geography lessons uge: Antarctic ocean you will find is south of Australia, not the Arctic; and the correct spelling is Johanna. Sydney folks ..

    1. Thanks Vicco. Noted about the Artic vs Antartic…sorry. Oh and ‘Joey’ was intentional.

      Far out I hope it stops raining!

      Cheers, uge

      1. That’s “Arctic”, with a “c”, Uge. Whatever end of the Earth you are, enjoy those conditions. I’ve been “stuck” in the tropics for years now, and miss those uncrowded, chilly winter sessions.
        Awesome pics, as usual.

  2. Funny, I come to this site to enjoy the marvellous photos, I don’t even notice if there are any mistakes till someone points them out. Lighten up and enjoy the talent!

  3. Good in ya Uge. My tip, Cape Nelson. Some good waves if the swells right.
    And a beautiful part of the Vicco coast. Enjoy the Greatest Ocean Road. Get ya steamer on!

  4. cold my arse. you aussies!

    have to say though uge, more jealous that usual of your daily snaps. i would trade a week on the great ocean road for a hundred bondi breakfasts! make sure you fill yer boots.

    enjoy : )

  5. Ha when Uge said “Joeys, running down to the left” I spent about 5 minutes blowing up the pic and hunting for Kangas jumping through the surf in the left hand corner of the shot! Fake out Ugio!

    BTW, sick rainbow shot. Just became my desktop pic.

  6. The house pictured is Wayne’s house in Lavers Hill. He died a few years ago. Great character. He did the mask for the Australian Phantom of the Opera. Great quiet area. I used to live 3 doors down. Go visit John at the The Shoppe in Lavers Hills for surf advice.

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