The Lorne Pier, 7:30am...amazing start to the day


After traversing the state of Victoria one last time we came across some waves and offshore winds, finally (we’ve had some bad timing).

The sunrise over Lorne came to the party as well this morning. Amazing colours down here! The sun doesn’t actually rise until 7:30am (Sydney it is an hour earlier). It’s like a holiday for me, getting an extra hour sleep in.

Todays the last update from The Great Ocean Road…if you ever get the chance, follow the curves of this spectacular coastline and score some VERY uncrowded waves.

In July I will be holding an exhibition and talks at the Eleven40 Gallery in Melbourne. Go here for some more info…

See you back in Bondi :: u g e

Finally we found some waves, raw power stuff, Todd Rosewall hooking in

Wave cover

Christopher Friend, afterburner on

Toddy, follow the light buddy

Local shredder, Todd Rosewall

Joeys hook

Friendy, shorey belts

650am, Lorne fisherman

6 thoughts on “L O R N E

    1. You’re giving away our Southern secrets..! Better than battlin the Goldy water traffic any ol’ day

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