Officially it was 7 degrees this morning down the beach, but with a 15 knot offshore straight from the mountains it felt like 3 or 4. Maybe colder. I know that is an average day in Melbourne or London…but for Sydney…she’s cold.

The swell kicked hard yesterday afternoon and we abandoned the helm to score a few waves. How good was it? Hope you scored too.

The leftovers this morning were OK…the swell interval plummeted…so it’s weak, a third of the size and still surfable.

Something is cooking for the weekend though. It’s going to close out once again with 6 footers.

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Read the signs, Bondi 7am

Mal rider, good set wave.


Gold Coast? Na, Campbell parade

J-Dirty, close out fun

Shark bite victim, Glenn Orgias trimming


Kinsey Yeewen.

The frothy left, Bondi beach 7am

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