Pretty special morning down the beach. OK it’s not pumping but the sunshine is back and everyone is pretty happy about it.

Waves broke around waist to chest high. It’s inconsistent.  Winds were NW offshore and the water felt like 16 or 17 degrees.

The great news is that we should hit 23 degrees on the land today – that’s amazing.

Random information that you might find interesting:

  • A man just died following a shark at Byron Bay today (11am). Story on SMH
  • Big Dimitri (the Russian), a Bondi icon was seriously injured on Saturday at 2pm when the rope he was climbing broke at Ben Buckler point. You probably saw the helicopters. More This is the second time this year Dimitri has fallen from the big cliff. In Jan 2014 he was oggling a topless girl and lost his concentration and fell – breaking both his legs. More
  • The world famous Bills restaurant is opening up next week in the new Hub development in Bondi. That’ll be good.


Walking on water at Bondi Beach

Bondi mouth wide open

Mayhem. This is why Bondi is the most dangerous break in the world

Bottom rake

Hello sunshine...welcome back


Morning swimmer

And you thought there were no waves this morning. Odd one

Chris Friend, refined roundie

Glarey Geoff

Sunrise couple, 5:50am

One thought on “Hello

  1. Hey Uge
    many a true word said in jest.
    Your comment on Bondi being the world’s most dangerous break is spot on .
    Worst ding I ever got. 2 foot Bondi on a Saturday.
    Great shots as always


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