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Different Bondi

This time of year is really odd around Bondi. It is summer, sunny and epic down the beach but it’s also empty. See…everyone is starting to take off for their Christmas bashes and the streets are really quite empty. I saw 5 vacant car spaces on Gould Street in a row! Whoa. The beach this morning was eerily quiet.

Whilst the beach was quiet, its the busiest week of the year in our Aquabumps Gallery. We get asked all kinds of stuff at this time of year. To be time efficient here’s some commonly asked questions in our shop:

  • “I need a gift, anything from your store, need it now…help me…what can I get” Answer: we have so much in stock (still) – just rock into the gallery right now and walk away with something. Plenty of parking out front. If you don’t live in Sydney how about our latest 280 page, A3 book. Order before 3pm today and we will NEXT DAY POST it to you. Check these postal times here and you will be able see delivery times for your postcode. In most cases you will have it in your grubby little hands tomorrow, nationwide. Order right now
  • “I’ve been through your million photo catalogue and not getting anywhere closer to a decision for a me” Answer: Gift cards is your salvation…gift cards. Virtual cards are emailed and done within a hour or so. Physical cards posted same day.
  • “My fella rips, can I pay you to take photos of him?” Answer: No sorry. It’s easy. Have a crack.
  • “I know Christmas is days away, but can I get an artwork framed and shipped to Russia in time for 25th Dec?” Answer: Sure can. We just have to fly our framing team to Russia overnight. We can make frames mid flight and have them to you Chrissy day. It could cost between $20k and $30k. In all seriousness we can do unframed prints within 24 hours and they are best for shipping.
  • “Are you open Christmas Day or Boxing Day?” Answer: nope. Gone surfing.
  • “Do you open late nights like Westfields” Answer: Um. No. 10-6 daily.
  • “What deals you got going?” Answer: We are currently running a Facebook competition where you can win one of our largest artworks valued at $2,950. All you have to do is click this link and enter the comp online. Once you’ve completed the comp a very, very special deal will be revealed on our 1st book, A Day At Bondi.

Enough ramble :: uge

Hugo, grovelling in tiny waves today at Bondi

North End Magic, yesterday - how good does that water look?

Mini, mini wave, Bondi

Bondi bikes

Froth on

Tiny tots

Ignition, North Bondi

Can you hear the Jaws music?

On watch...North Bondi yesterday

Order our book $150 before 3pm, we will next day post it to you.

3 thoughts on “Different Bondi

  1. Thanks for the year in pics, keeps me grounded and longing for home. Will be back in the east from the east (SG) over Christmas, can’t wait to hit the ocean.
    All then best

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