Dylan, Bondi 7:00am

Quick Dip

Went for a quick swim this morning and took these snaps.

Little clean wave on offer, only 1-2 foot. Banks are pretty decent and suit a smaller swell.

Cora got a shot of me shooting Lukey Daniels…just if you are curious how to get these shots. Gotta get in close.

We have a full time sales position going in our Bondi Gallery. Have a read of this job description…sound like you? Well…send in your 1 page resume to aquabumpsjobs@gmail.com – but make sure you a) have successful sales experience b) not on a traveling visa c) love a chat. This job vacancy is working on the gallery floor and nothing to do with taking photos (so you won’t be spending 5 weeks in Hawaii, flying in helis, sun tanning on the beach in a Chillazy beach chair!).


Lukey Daniels, grinding

Golden water convos

Murray Cox, down the beach every day

Rays of today, Bondi

Charlotte, putting the pedal down

Lukey laid back Daniels.

Joe Dirt.

7 thoughts on “Quick Dip

  1. Way to go Cora Bezemer – Great shot of Luke! Murray Cox is a LEGEND! Thanks for the sunrise shot uge 🙂

  2. ::uge – hope you are ok!
    I really miss your daily Bondi pics – they make me smile everyday, back here in Germany. Thanks for that 🙂

  3. Could someone down at Bondi report in about the missing ::uge please, no updates since the 30-03-15? did he go back to Hawaii? Hope ur OK ::uge I miss your dailies, and I need them too.

    1. Hey Everyone,

      Sorry about falling off the grid. I am fine, don’t worry.

      I actually took a week off shooting and went surfing. Was so fun. Haven’t done that for ages.

      Tomorrow the reports will resume…sorry if you go twitchy.

      I’m back!

      Cheers, uge

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