Blake, sunrise take off...what a day huh?


Oh boy the waves have been good. It’s dropped a lot overnight but still plenty of fun to be had.

Clean offshores, WNW at 5 knots with 2-3 foot of south swell. A good combo.

Hit it.


Early birds enjoying the rise

Blake Thornton taming a green section

Matty Gilsenan hacking

How today started, Maroubra

D-bowl pockets


The elements

Tail blow out

2 thoughts on “Deluxe

  1. Uge.. One of your best! “Blake Thornton taming a green section” The lighting and composition are awesome.

    An after thought– Looks like a dolphin chasing the board tail. The nose of the board about to hit a turtle in the eye and two teneticles grabbing him from behind. Or is that a Narwhal with a extra tooth?

    Did I over think this?


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