Wild beasts dancing in golden morning light, Bondi 7am

Glass Half Full

On my morning wanderings I talk to all kinds of people. Some people are just getting home from the night before, some are up early embracing the day.

This morning another touring photographer came up for a chat…his opener “Heard Bondi was good to shoot at sunrise…not much happening today aye…Gold Coast is so much better…been there?”

I thought to myself…gee you’ve picked the wrong guy. I mean…I’ve dedicated most of my adult life to the early morning light of Bondi.

I responded “Yeah its crap here…” as I looked out over Bondi and watched an array of clean 6 foot sets marching in.

Not a bad place to be today…Sydney. It’s pumping.

:: uge

The ejector seat, Bondi

Bondi means falling water in Aboriginal. True

Chris Friend on a decent sized chunk. Bondi Beach 7am

Sweet lefts in the middle


Golden big boy

Look mum no hands

Roundabout lefts, Bondi

Blurry right, Bondi


Cheekiest man on the beach

11 thoughts on “Glass Half Full

  1. It amazes me the amount of people that you hear slagging Bondi off. It’s a city beach 9km from the centre of one of the worlds major cities. I always hear people saying it’s overrated and not as nice as Byron Bay or The Northern Beaches but that’s not the point. Where else can you have the city and a beach like this on your doorstep? Not many places, maybe Rio, Cape Town, Lisbon, San Sebastian etc? Personally I love city beaches as they have their own unique appeal and Bondi is one of the best of them!

  2. Awesome photos today uge really like the Bondi ‘falling water’ pic. cheers
    Sort of looks like the water you’d see overflowing from the swimming baths but assume this was taken in the middle of the beach WOW

  3. You can’t take the “slander” out Queenslander. They are unique but the Blue’s will wipe the floor with them tomorrow night.

  4. “not much happening today aye”? that guy obviously can’t see past his own ego. Was transfixed this morning by those beach long sets rolling in… and agree with Simon great shots today Uge…

  5. This coming Friday there’s gonna be a new SSE groundswell in the 3-4ft range with WNW wind. Would you know if Clovelly Bombie would be any good? Your shots are the best thing that come up on my feed btw. 🙂

  6. Hey Ant the bombie man,yes cloey bombie does work on a south swell but is more tide dependent than the lefts on a Ne swell it gurgles,horseshoes and mushrooms down pretty shallow as the water sucks off the reef and into the face of the wave going right with the south swell the end bowl can close down a lot too if the swells bumpy and wrong winds….Suss it a few times from shore before you go out there,avoid the “pebble” and say hello to Fred the resident shark who frequents the bombie and honeycombs at Coogee he loves fresh kingfish! And the occasional toe!

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