Lake Wanaka's most famous tree. Last night.


Today is one of those picture perfect ski days in New Zealand. There’s little wind, not a cloud in the sky and you can strip down to skiing in just a long sleeve tee. Yes, work on your base tan whilst shreddin’. Cardrona ski field, just outside Wanaka, is the real alpine playground today.

I spent the morning with Kiwi Olympic skier / free rider / big mountain expert Janina Kuzma…one of EN ZED’s finest. Janina is one of those freaks that does heli big mountain on vertical drops…off piste. Mental.

If you’re sitting in your office cubicle and needing an alpine break, click here to start planning your journey. You can ski here until early October and it’s so close to home. I have to say, the kiwis have it pretty good over ‘ere. It looks just like the brochures!

Heard you guys had a crazy sunrise in Sydney this morning. Hope you saw it.

:: uge

Janina Kuzma throwing out some heat up on a wild run from the summit.

Janina invited me up to the summit with her - um, no thanks

Blue Ice, near Mt Aspiring

Janina Kuzma, pipe flip at Cardrona, NZ

Shred dog, Cardrona, NZ

The road to Cardrona this morning

Whare Kea Chalet - Exclusive alpine accommodation only accessible by heli

Boom! Cardrona today

Janina Kuzma, Olympic kiwi skier and big mountain maniac

Matt, no lift pass, walks up every run and is 10 kgs lighter for it.

Janina Kuzma, pipe grab, Cardrona, New Zealand

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  1. Yip, it was a beautiful sunrise on Bondi this morning – something us early birds have not seen for some time. Uge, great shots from NZ. I especially liked the one of the tree. I am heading to that area in March/April 2016. Safe travels!

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