Look what washed up to Bondi this morning? @kathrynelson


If you’re sitting indoors, chained to the desk…may I suggest a short trip down the beach? Why? Well…it’s quite simply a perfect day. Sunny, warm and little lefts. It’s one of those awesome Sydney days where people can’t stop saying “How good is the weather honky?”.

So… it’s Friday, what are you waiting for?

OK, so you can’t get away today…make plans for the weekend as it’s sunny for both days. Hell, come to Bondi. You could:

  1. Have breakfast at the freshly renovated and expanded Porch and Palour
  2. Hit the farmers markets on Saturday (9am to 1pm)
  3. Surf the log (only small waves expected)…with 100 others
  4. Coat yourself in baby oil and see if you can change colour
  5. Can’t come to Bondi and not drop into the Aquabumps Gallery Bondi. You know it. 151 Curlewis Street Bondi T 9130 7788

Seeya, :: uge

@atdusk Chris Prestidge living the dream on a magic day.

1 big fin

JJ taking cover.

It's all lefts today

Reeling, small but contestable.

What a day huh!

Distracted focus, sorry Tim but check that lil' left.

Grommet in the middle of Bondi Beach

Joshua Ku riding a very small board.

Whale out the back.

'Wave Churn' Bondi Beach

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