Maroubra washing machine 7am


Friends. We have small waves and clear skies. It’s just a perfect day down here on the beach. Max 29.

Bondi is getting very busy as summer sets in. The Euros have arrived (even Oprah was eating lunch at Icebergs Dining Room yesterday). There is no surf all week so keep the boards in their covers and go for a swim.

I know…I must not use my Aquabumps Daily Email for personal reasons. Well, just this once OK?¬†Forgive me. I have surfboards. Lots of boards. A whole loft full. It’s my weakness. Every year I have a freak out and sell a few. Some are brand new, some used three times, some are all banged up but still go good. If you want a real bargain, bid on one here. Auctions end this week.

:: uge

Powering, Maroubra, Blake Thornton


Well, it's been better at Tamarama

Suitable wave vehicle

DK leaping off the rocks

Blake, trimming fat bits

Syd the print 4 pack. We ship. In stock now.

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