Candy Bake, Italy

Beach Club

As you can see I am having a pretty rough time here in Italy…

The beach clubs are still busy and it’s 30 degrees every day. The water is incredibly blue and clear…I never want to get out.

We did have a little scare when shooting these pics as the chopper stalled (for a moment) at 2,000 feet above Capri. I’ve been shooting aerials for 10 years now and nothing like that has ever happened before. Yes, we freaked and necked Limoncello shots on landing. So I really hope you enjoy the images!

A lot of people want to know what cameras and lenses I use for all my images. Well, I’m a Canon kid. Their latest lenses are just so sharp. Underwater I am currently using the recently updated 16-35mm lens…which is just pure joy to use. My Camera body of choice is either the 5Dsr’s or 1dX Mark II’s. Depending on what I am shooting. Canon are offering Aquabumps readers deals here when using promo code ‘Canon5’.

We are on the move today. 4 days at Ca’ Pa’ was truly amazing (and private).

OK, Ciao ciao. :: Eugenio

The blues of Capri - wow.


Blue wake

Capri Beach Clubs

Da Amalfi

The island of Capri. Spectacular.

Capri Reds

Chill time

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  1. Hey Uge, sounds like you got a fright there. Just so you know, it’s not a problem to land a chopper with engine failure, provided you are not close to ground. You perform a procedure called an autorotation, the blades will still spin as you descend, and it’s easier to control the descent speed, unlike a plane. Read a book called “Chickenhawk”, by a Vietnam Huey pilot called Robert Mason. At zero airspeed a chopper still has the drag coefficient of a parachute, so don’t panic up there in future.

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