Big rock, little boat. That boat is about 120 foot.


Our fling with Italy is coming to an end. This is the last post from here…a sigh of relief I hear from some. I know, let’s see photos of waves! I miss waves too…but this coast is just as seductive.

So you’re a busy person. If you want a 4 day tour of The Amalfi Coast then follow these instructions below, I reckon you can’t go wrong. It’s my short cut guide after a couple of trips (there is so much more I know).

We stay around Praiano. We love it there. Positano is a little hectic and just a 4 min water taxi away.

Day 1 – Hire a self drive 40hp rubber boat and fang to the island of Capri (we use La Sibilia hire Company). You don’t need a boat license, just a car license. They are super relaxed here about that stuff. The back side of the island is mind blowing – swim in caves, crystal clear blue water. Then drive your boat across to Nerone and have lunch at Conca Del Sogno or Lo Scoglio (epic). Alternatively lunch on Capri we rate Il Riccio – all accessible by your little boat.

Day 2 – Hire a motorbike, ride to Amalfi from Positano. Cars don’t fit on these roads. Bikes cut drive time in half and you really live it – wind in the hair and all. One of the most windy scenic roads you will ever drive on. Eat lunch on a cliff edge at Ravello (in the hills).

Day 3 – Get loose at One Fire Beach Club Praiano. ‘Nuf said there. Take water taxi across to Da Adolfo for lunch (must). Dinner at Il Pirata/La Strada/Next2/Chez Black – so many to choose from. Kick on to Africana (night club in cave) if you can’t stop.

Day 4 – Spend a day in busy Positano…shop…drink at Franco’s or Le Sirenuse followed by a fancy dinner at Zass (Il San Pietro)

After all that, you will be a little heavier, happier and spent a truck load of euro – but it’s worth it!

See you in Bondi.

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Beach party, every day


Back side of Capri Island is so blue

Praiano kids

Sicily, the colours.

One fire, asleep

La Praia

Amalfi blue

Atrani, early

Swim time

Looking for crayfish?

7 thoughts on “Tour

  1. Big rock, little boat. That boat is about 120 foot.

    Great shot indeed, I do not question that.

    I’d be really interested to know why you converted this image to back and white, please.

  2. Ciao Eugenio,

    Your pics look amazing and so sexy today. As a bloody Italian, I appreciate these even more.

    Grazie Eugenio.

    P.S. ci vediamo in Bondi sulla line up!

  3. I have just booked flights to Italy for the month of July and I reckon i might even try and fit this amazing 4 day tour in twice!!! Thanks for sharing your tips. Much appreciated!

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