Bondi this morning was kinda bland. I rode around looking for something interesting to shoot…but ended up returning home to continue rock’n’roll wrestling part IV with the maniac tykes.

The waves looked small and full, barely anyone out. Even the shore was empty as it began to spit. Not really a beach day at all. Stay in your cubicle and pretend to knock out some work.

Today’s photos are a mismatch of some recent captures…everyone seemed to love that shoot from the South Coast last week.

We’re all social media junkie these days. Here are some Insty accounts that I’m into:

Good shooters:

KateBellm (Recently following, some gritty film underwater work)

Trent_mitchell_ (Known Trent for years and he continues to innovate, rare these days. Love his work)

Funny as, local Bondi stuff:

mattressesinbondi (Very clever, funny and very Bondi)

LamboManBondi (Yes, you know this guy. The Yellow Lamborgini Dude that does 100 clicks down Hall Street. He’s the man, totes. I saw this car parked in 15 different locations around Bondi on the weekend)

:: uge

Wombarra Beach Rock Pool glistening in the morning light


Sea Cliff Bridge weaving


Blue Scope Steel


The Matthews Family Houses


Austinmer Beach surfer


Golds, a few weeks back


Carpark anyone?


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