After being in The Med for a couple of weeks, it’s so nice to see the ocean doing its thing! Waves. Hollow waves. Fun head high waves.

The past few days have been very fruitful for surfers. The weather is overcast, rainy, grey, but you can find waves in Sydney today that will curl over your head.

Weather will improve for the rest of the week after today. Sunshine for days!

Aquabumps Gallery Design service: loads of people come to our gallery and have trouble deciding on the artwork for their blank walls. We try and make it easier by super-imposing our artwork on your walls, just send us a short list of artworks you fancy from our collection, and a photo of your blank walls – we’ll give you some ideas – obligation free. Contact our gallery team.

:: uge

Frontside attack


Federico, I think. Tucked


Hi speed runners, 8am


Helmet on, Hypto firing. Decent wall chunk


Fan, Black.




MCM house's pick from our collection "Hole Calm" + "Split Contrasts". Shot by Nikki To

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