I’m no epidemiologist but I think it’s fair to say international travel will be off the cards for a while, even after relaxed social distancing rules.

I won’t lie, I’ve got itchy feet, normally we travel a helluva lot. A mate suggested I sit at a crammed kiddie table, noise-cancelling headphones on, eating slightly overcooked food out of foil wrap to get the aeroplane vibes – in hope to ease the travel bug!

Domestic travel, however, I am pretty sure will return soon(ish). When The Rona chills out, I’m gonna hit Western Australia. W.A. is the size of Western Europe (enormous), and there are SO many places on my hit-list to shoot/visit. Wide-open spaces, crystal blue water and sparsely populated. Ah yes…

These pics are from last years’ visit to the Ningaloo region. Mind-blowing!

So next week is a big week around Bondi. The beaches are reopening for swimmers and surfers – for exercise purposes only. I really hope we all work together, follow the rules, maintain social distancing so the beaches remain open. Here’s Waverley Councils FAQ on the new rules. Here is some more detail on the access points.

Have a great long weekend. Our April-Free-Aust-Shipping is still on from the gallery. The entire AB team is on online-chat right here if you have any questions. Hit us up! Ciao :: uge

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Charles Knife - ridic.


Dunes, such a good wave. They had a problem with a shark there this week


Sal Salis, oh boy, google that one


That's my son Spike, age 4, chasing the shot of a Whale Shark in open ocean


Swell trains, Ningaloo Reef


Yardi Creek. Gold. WA


Heaps of swell grinding.


Whale Sharks, Ningaloo Reef, WA - May 8


Straightest roads in Australia! Exmouth


Just an empty carpark with a eagles nest, Ningaloo


Cape Range National Park, amazing landscape


3 thoughts on “W-Yay!

  1. Jeepers !  Are we actually living in Australia ?  What does: “…  who    otherwise    cannot    exercise    at    home.” mean ?

    Likewise:  ” We    encourage    people    to    go    walking    or    jogging    in    quieter    areas    
    around    their    neighbourhood   IF THEY CANNOT EXERCISE AT HOME” ?

    Thanks so much for keeping our spirits up with your wonderful images and words.

  2. Here is a plea. Take the restrictions seriously next week.We don’t want those doing the right thing to become neighbourhood watch for those who arent. If you are a contrarian or regard your “freedom” more highly than people who just want to swim or surf, spend your time in the comments section of a right wing blog, and stay away.

  3. I have been lucky to have had my local beach (north of the bridge) open for the past few weeks and what we do is the following:….. arrive at beach, leave towel and clothes on sand,,,,,hop in for the swim…long or short depending on the body….get out of the water…walk along the beach to dry (if sunny that is) and the get the f out of there…… allowing for others just like me to also enjoy their time and exercise.
    If everyone does this you can all enjoy the much needed ocean time… Best of luck!!

    Stay safe Bondi 🙂

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