On The Pittwater

Notice anything different about today’s post? We’ve gone northside broadcasting from The Pittwater aboard a floating house – The Lilypad. Yes, a house that’s like a boat! My kinda home iso…

Inside, it’s like an elegant compact house with all mod cons. Sometimes you forget you’re adrift…until a boat passes and gives you a gentle rock.

Perfect for a little getaway – close to Sydney. Very relaxing…

The forecasted swell has arrived, but it’s no where near some of the forecasted frothy 8-10 foot – perhaps too south? I’ll call it overhead high – 4 footers. Wind came in early.

I looked around Palmy from Alf, Roo or Marilyn – no sign of them. Maybe they’re away, not home.

Have a great weekend. :: uge

Stay @ Lilypad Palm Beach

Your very own floating villa, on The Pittwater

Which side? Palm Beach

Built tough, imagine the lashing it cops - Lilypad

Palm Beach kiddies corner

Whaley had a few.


Portuguese Beach, Palmy - this morning at sunrise


Scandinavian Barn influence

Whaley vibes


Bit of wind on it, but surfable


Avalon - lunchtime, love that backdrop!


Not a bad place to home iso! Lilypad Palm Beach


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