Whilst it’s an ugly day, weatherwise in Sydney, it’s a beautiful day for Sydney-siders as the shackles come off from a 106-day lockdown. Freedom day, some call it, that day a lot of people have been hoping for. Get a haircut – that mullet ain’t looking great!

We’d run out of food in our bunker, so today, we resurface; both the daily morning email rituals and the Aquabumps Gallery will resume from now – for the first time in months. Months! And it feels so good. I loved seeing smiling faces around drizzly Bondi this morning, especially around Icebergs where the pool is full, and the regulars have returned.

To clarify, The Bondi Aquabumps Gallery is open from today, operating in line with government-mandated restrictions. We will continue to accommodate phone orders or ‘click and collect’ for those who are still unable to enter a retail environment. Telephone 02 9130 7788 or chat with us now online

Seeing Aquabumps daily photos are flowing again; please subscribe anybody who would love to see the beach in their inbox.

Let’s hope that the only thing infectious from here on is the stoke, as we enjoy the ocean together. 

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Bergs is open! Jump in


Welcome back. We have missed you! Tyson is frothing



7am loner, South Bondi


Cafes are open!


So good to see the pool full again


It's not much of a beach day, needs to clean up, heaps


Bergs blues


We've reopened with some big new things in the gallery. Giant Prints! Keep in mind Tyson is about 6'6"



Mullumbimby is flooded, hope everyone is ok


2 thoughts on “Unlocked*

  1. Congratulations and so stoked that you guys are out of lockdown….enjoy getting back to the beach and the Pub!!

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