This island suits my touring style – action-packed! I’m not much of a ‘read book by the pool’ kinda guy – I need plenty of activities to keep me going (I’m pretty annoying to travel with – ask Deb).

There is loads to do here; shark diving (amazing), snorkelling on coral reefs in the lagoon, bush walks, feeding fish or one helluva trip out to the largest sea stack in the world – Ball’s Pyramid, which protrudes out of the ocean at a staggering 556m tall! (So we had to have a Ballsy swim around it – maybe see this IG post for full explanation)

I’m getting a lot of questions about the surf on the island – yes, I’ve seen so many empty setups on the outer lagoon reefs, and Blinkys on the eastern side looks like the hotspot. There’s plenty of wind, and it was head high plus on the exposed side yesterday – wish I had my boards. I’ve only seen two guys in the water, and I think it requires a lot of patience with weather and a tinnie to get the best of it.

We’re not staying at Capella (I’m a photographer, not a bitcoin trader) – but that looks incredible. Pinetrees and Island House also look top end. So we stayed at the secluded Milky Way – simple, neat, practical with friendly staff. The island is heavily booked (we had to wait for a cancellation) as there is only 400 guests allowed on the island at any one time. I hear some lodges are booked up until 2024, especially with COVID backlog.

I won’t subject you to more island pics after today. So here’s the wrap, hope you enjoyed something different to Bondi. I hear Sydney weather has finally turned on and it’s stopped raining. Let’s party.

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It's a very good looking island, I've seen a few

Ball's Pyramid, 23 kms from Lord Howe and 556m high!


We just had to swim at the largest sea stack in the world. Ballsy swim at Balls.


Lovers Bay, Lord Howe Island


Just a bull and a palm, hanging. Lord Howe Island


Not many cars, mainly bicycles. I'm coming home fit


Ned's. I watched a left all morning there. Wish I had my boards

It's so green here, and lush - it's ridiculous


Deb chasing after a few sharks


The south end of Lord Howe


How my day ended


4 thoughts on “Subtropical

  1. Thank you for sharing two days of your absolutely stunning pics of Lord Howe Island and area. We have been enjoying your amazing photography for years. Keep shooting!

  2. Epic photos – send more

    I why didn’t you take boards – sure leave clothes but not boards 🤦‍♀️

    1. Did you see the movie’ The Shallows’, starring Blake Lively…?? beautiful, but very scary with the sharks! Thx for the stunning photos! I’ll be in OZ soon.

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