Raw Paradise

I’ve been to some pretty idyllic places, but our current location ranks highly, Sumba. It’s a raw, semi-primitive island in Indonesia with plenty of waves, dreamy white sandy beaches and unique local culture. 

It’s the dry season here, so we’re scoring endless 36-degree clear skies and sublime water temps. There have been waves daily, especially for the groms, who have inherited my passion for Indo surf trips. Looks like we’re going to be platinum flyers on Garuda!

If I could use artificial intelligence to create the perfect family getaway with a variety of easily accessible waves & unspoiled white sandy beaches, CHATGPT would spit out The Sanubari – where we are staying for the week – a small boutique hotel planted right on a remote beach with waves. Say no more.

:: uge

The Sanubari, Sumba

We're the villa in the middle.


There's a big equestrian culture here. Riding on the beach is a daily thing


Jet hack age 12

Low tide setups in front of The Sanubari


Spikey ripping




Love the people

Uge sans camera

The Sanubari bar, right at the end of the lefthander


Misch and Deb cooling off the horses on a hot day


Good mix of lefts and rights on this island. Rare for Indo

When we're not surfing, there's plenty of other stuff to do



Not a bad place to wait for the tide to change!

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