Most of East Coast Australia is having a rainy day, and it looks to continue well into next week. Put the cossie and beach umbrellas away for a bit. We’ve had a good run of beach weather – it’s time to do some work now.

Today’s photos are from my annual trip to a group of luscious islands off Sumatra, Indonesia—the surfer’s paradise. The islands are now in their offseason, and most boats are on the hard stands, getting annual maintenance and preparing for a big 2024 season. If you’re interested in going, I’ve been helping an Aussie mate out with his boat – which has been efficiently and safely operated for the past 18 years. (I’ve done eight charters with them – Tengirri). Get a small bunch of surfers together…and book for 2024. Message me if you want a hook-up direct to the owners.


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I wish this was a right. Mr. JJ loves it


Where the jungle meets the ocean blues


You'll mostly surf reefs


Water clarity off the hook


And you'll bump into some big names, Italo


Hell, even I can get inside one.

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