Lululemon Bondi Beach

At Aquabumps – community is at the heart of everything we do. Both supporting the locals, the business’ and promoting the beach & place some of us are lucky to live and where Aquabumps originates – Bondi Beach.

18 months ago – the iconic Canadian brand Lululemon open their first concept store outside of North America (they have 6 of these stores in the US and Canada). The Bondi Beach store is their first in Australia and is a hyper local space celebrating the iconic beach of Bondi and the active lifestyle that people embrace, who live here. The product assortment is curated specifically for the locals’ needs and the space acts as a hub for the community to connect with one another.

I have personally been able to work with the team both in Bondi and the company as a whole – but specifically the Bondi store. It is pretty incredible that the ‘whole’ team radiate positive, healthy happiness – I wanted in and have since drunk the coolade and got the inside scoop about this iconic international brand – that are just as humble, clever and innovative as they look.

The company as a whole don’t chase happiness, they choose it so they can be that for the world. Through innovative product and relationship building, they empower their communities to live happy, healthy, fun lives.

Lone Swimmer and Colours of Bondi Acrylic Blocks

They are very clever in garnering their tribe – it’s simple but they do it like no other brand I’ve ever seen. They call it the ‘law of attraction’. By spending time in their local community, building relationships and sparking conversation – they attract like-minded people to the business. Sounds easy right – I can vouch every single person are equally as passionate, driven, unique and effervescent. They are the Lululemon people – seek them out, you will be a better person for it.

At the heartland of their brand it’s yoga and meditation – their product and fit is in my opinion standalone in the category of athleisure wear. I owned quite a few pieces before I was seduced by the world of Lululemon, now I can’t wear anything else, to practice yoga, run the beach or even surf in.

‘White Line Up’ Shadow Box 95cm x 70cm

‘Whitey’ Shadow Box 125cm x 91cm

They do things uniquely and they are the beating heart of community. Get involved – there’s something for everyone and it’s always complimentary.

Tuesday – 6am soft sand running with ambassador Dean Gladstone

Wedesday – 7am boxing in-store with Roxx Vitalone 

Friday – 6am “Run Bondi” with ambassador Kirsten Scott 

Sunday – 8:30am yoga lead by various teachers from local studios 

Their newest initiative is the “Bondi Collective” bringing together a small group of local athletes & entrepreneurs each week for a series of 4 weeks, each month. They product test our latest gear, sweat together, and gather feedback over brekkie. The intention is 1:1 connection with locals and their friends.

Drink the coolade – you won’t look back.

180 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach NSW 2026

Words: Debbie Tan

Photographer: Rachel Dray