Tamarama Beachside Chic

Some people just have that something special – it’s a warmth, it’s a charm, it’s a genuine ‘bloody nice bloke’. That’s Paul Borrud, who moved to Aus for a 2 year work assignment and never left. He fell in love with our lifestyle and our worth ethic, go hard while you’re there – but make time for the things you love when you’re not. The old aussie dream of work life balance – that we all strive for.

Originally from the California – LA, then 10 years in San Francisco in the Silicon Valley, Paul moved to Sydney, Bondi in 2009. He has 3 beautiful daughters – equally beautiful girlfriend Becky who lives in Florida. He is one of the ‘originals’ of the Facebook revolution and came to Aus to set up and head up the company for Australia, New Zealand and most of Asia.

Now retired he focuses his big generous heart on philanthropic projects in Guatemala and Kenya.  He’s on the board of The Village Experience which combines holiday travel with service work – all to give back.  He’s a Lifeguard at Tamarama and has more energy for adventure hikes and climbs than 2 humans combined.  Mt Everest base camp twice, Mt. Kilimanjaro are a just a few on his been there done it list.  If he’s not in the east or sometimes the North or flying to meet Becky somewhere exotic he chooses to spend time down at his farm in the Southern Highlands where he’s learning to make wine as well as hosting Australia’s Longest Slip ‘n’ Slide on Australia Day. You should see this thing – EPIC.

He found Aquabumps not through a mate or on Facebook – but through his morning ritual, with a surf down at the beach and always noticed this guy walking around with his camera.  He finally introduced himself.  Uge told him what he did – ‘just that’, wondered around the beach taking photos and Pauly thought that was pretty interesting.  He also mentioned he was looking for some artwork for the first Facebook office in Australia.  From then on they have done a bit of business together, got to know the better half and kids, then friendship and several surf trips to Indonesia and Hawaii.

Wall Mural in Facebook Australia's office in Sydney

We spent a morning with Pauly in his home in Tama and asked him why he felt connected to Uge’s work and so much so that he keeps buying it. (we stopped counting at 5).

‘Certain photographer’s have the eye to capture moments.  Might be a beautiful sunrise, sunset, surf, someone meditating on the rocks, Uge seems to capture the moment every time.  The artwork is a gentle reminder inside what is outside.  How lucky we are to live in Sydney and the beauty that surrounds us. For my Tama home, I was looking for something that complimented the view but didn’t take away from it.  Colours & style.  Also something that was personal.  I know the story behind the art and in some cases the people in it and the friendships behind it’.

Our dear mate Pauly – has more frequent flyer points than Richard Branson, but when he’s with you you’re the only person in the world. He’s a give anything a go type of fulla, he’s generous, he’s kind, an exceptional father and he feels at one most when he’s in the Himalayas hiking. There’s no one – like Pauly.

This year he takes his tribe to Spain. ‘Have always wanted to experience the festivals in Spain so we’re heading to Pamplona to see the running of the Bulls this July’.

If you ever bump into this guy – or are lucky enough to be friends with him like we are, you will be better for it!

A morning well spent!

Whitey Shadow Box 125cm x 91cm

Liquid Motion Mini Acrylic Block

Cocky and the Kookaburra Shadow Box 95cm x 70cm

Summer in Thirds Acrylic Desk Block

Byron Bodyguard Shadow Box 95cm x 70cm

Words: Debbie Tan

Photographer: Rachel Dray