::Friday, 7 May 2004

Bondi 7:30am Head high sets, few goodies
Hola! Bit of an ugly morning with thick overcast skies, making it hard
to shoot photos through a long lens (we have been spoilt with perfect
weather this week previously).

Pretty much no wind, glassy surfaces on head high
sets at Bondi (7:30am). Looked like fun when they rolled through…the
smaller waves not doing much. Wind is going to blow onshore SE 10/15 knots
this afternoon, and with a full tide at 10:12….it’s probably going to
get messy/fat. Weekend looks like some fun waves at South Facing beaches
in the mornings, my call 4 foot tomorrow, smaller Sunday.

For those digi camera boffins, I’m shooting on a Canon SLR
10D with a 50-500mm Sigma lens today. In the water I use a a custom built
water housing + 15 mm fisheye.

Designer Furniture Sale 6th
May – 9th May


Don’t forget, Mojo Pacific’s Designer furniture sale
is ends this Sunday. It started yesterday at Royal Randwick RaceCourse.
So if it’s time to spruce up the old pad, head down there.
great bargains.

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