::Tuesday, 11 May 2004

Bondi 6:45am – 4-5 foot sets, closing
out, cold

Brrr! Brrr! It’s chilly. After the recent stream of blustery onshore conditions,
we are welcomed today with WSW offshore winds and some decent chunks of
swell hanging around. So now is a good time to get that BBQ cover out
of the neighbour’s trees, find your Sulo bin half way down the street,
wax up the board and go for a drive to find some waves. Somewhere would
be going off today – something that can hold a decent south swell. Bondage
wasn’t doing it as the lack of sandbanks were creating large closeouts.
Kinda unsurfable if you ask me, but I’ve seen people out there nonetheless.
The body surfers in the North end had it sussed. This cold morning with
clear skies is going to turn into rain, only managing to hit 20 degrees.
Winter is here.

Tomorrow the swell is going to go through the roof
with howling SSW winds. Expect out of control 8ft + at south facing beaches.

Mr Nice guy, Anthony Shields, turned 30 on the weekend.
Here are a couple of snaps from his party at the Fringe. View

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