::Friday, 14 May 2004

Bondi 6:30am – 6 foot, messy, getting

Aloha. As predicted the swell has jumped up over night – I thought it
was going to be much bigger, but its building…so this afternoon is going
to be x-large (8 – 10 ft).My photos probably
don’t best depict the size, tried to get one with a surfer in it, but
not many crew getting anything. Wind is non existent and this thick, solid
south swell is going to hang around. I suggest heading over to the north
side where there is more selection and beaches that hold bigger swells
(e.g. Manly, Fairy bower). Most of what I saw this morning was all over
the shop, big closeout random chunks. You’d want to have your paddling
fitness up to scratch and expect the leggie to get a lil’ stretched.

This weekend looks great with decent size tomorrow
and slightly smaller on Sunday. Winds will be offshore (SW). We’ve been
blessed lately with great swell, just need somewhere decent that holds
all these chunks. Great sunny weather today but chilly morning, maximum
of 22 degrees today. Have a great weekend.

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